April 12th, 2019

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MCU fic search: Looking for actions-have-consequences fics that focus on Team Iron Man.

I looked and looked and looked, mostly at AO3 because of it's awesome tagging system, and the only actions-have-consequences fic I found that has Tony facing consequences was one that took place after IM2 and involved a woman's death during the Tony-Rhodey armored fight at Tony's party.

So this was my post to (LJ)avengers-search, and I hope it's taken well and not seen as shit-stirring: (and for the record, it was written in good faith; I really do want to find fic like this)

Themes I'm looking for but haven't found because the fandom saw Iron Man 4/CACW and started hating on Team Cap:

Where both sides were a little right and a little wrong.

Where Tony isn't a precious innocent who did nothing wrong. (Neither are any of the other Avengers, but the amount of woobiefication of Tony post-IM4 got to be too much.)

Where someone calls Tony out for recruiting a child soldier (Peter), misleading him, lying to his legal guardian, taking him out of the country and putting him in danger. Ideally Aunt May, but I'll take what I can get.

Where someone points out that Vision's energy weapon is what injured Rhodey, and that all Sam did was dodge it, and that Sam was fucking para-rescue and could have done some critical first aid (though maybe he did in IM4 after the fade-out).

Where it's acknowledged that Crossbones brought the bomb and set it off, and Wanda tried to mititgate the damages.

Where someone points out that Thaddeus Ross is a villain. (I'm convinced that IM4 takes place in 2017, because he'd totally be a Trump hire, not an Obama one.)

Where at some point, the Avengers remember that they are adults and they discuss disagreements and compromises and--gasp!--go to the UN conference as a united front to discuss them, since they are the ones who'd be the most affected by them.

Okay, so that was a little bitter and ranty, but I really am looking for fics like this. The only fic I write is self-insert fluff or I'd take a crack at it myself. I know Team Cap did stuff wrong, and I don't expect them to be held blameless, but the only evils in the movie are Strucker, Hurt!Ross, and Martin!Ross (he totally counts after the whole "laughing at the idea of due process" thing).

They don't all have to be in the same fic, of course. Those were just examples.

Gen or any pairing or more-ing that doesn't include Darcy or Loki is welcome.

Or something that's just the team hashing out the scene after Ross leaves where they have an adult discussion and discuss compromises.

Tony was right that oversight was important (especially internationally, how would Americans feel if Captain Canada barged in and started defeating the bad guys while doing lots of property damage?), but Steve was right that they need the freedom to refuse missions they object to (though going someplace where the local government doesn't want them wouldn't be okay because sovereignty).

And not to beat a temporarily-dead underage superhero, but the way Peter Parker was introduced was just Not On. I mean, really? They couldn't have had him be an 18 year old college freshman? Or even a high school senior? The whole subplot with Peter is sketchy as fuck because of the manipulation and endangerment of a minor.

I'm posting it here with these additions because I can add the additions here, at my personal journal, and because maybe someone who sees this but who isn't subscribed to (LJ)avengers-search might have some suggestions. But mostly because I wanted to rant about the lopsidedness of the fan response to IM4/CACW.

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