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My douchey, ultra-conservative little brother wasn't at Thanksgiving dinner.

(He and his wife were hosting a friend from Aruba who wanted to see an American Thanksgiving, but since one of the cousins was worried about going into labor before the scheduled date, this year's Thanksgiving was family-only, which also meant no Chris. My dad said that part explicitly.)

Thanksgiving was Thursday the 27th and my birthday was Tuesday the 25th, and Travis not being at Thanksgiving dinner just made the whole event peaceful and fun and entirely apolitical. I'd thank him for the wonderful birthday present but (a)he didn't not show up for my benefit and (b)he'd probably be offended as all get-out, and contrary to the opinions of some, I'm not a deliberate shit-stirrer.

But since he doesn't read my blog (I doubt he even knows my screen name) I'll say it here: Thanks, Travis, for being elsewhere when I was at the paternal Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you're at the paternal Christmas while I'm with my mom and stepdad on the other side of the state.

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Thanks! :)

It was a nice day and I made a conscious effort to be sociable and take pictures. I have a hard time inserting myself into conversational groups but everything just went well and I think the absence of my "little" brother went a long way towards that.
Hi there,

I'm sorry to post this publically, but I can't message anymore due to having exceeded message limits of unpaid accounts.

You don't know me. But I knew Fiona/Flyslip, in lj and in real life, in Brisbane. We were friends via an old lj account that I deleted a few years ago when i was going through a bad time.

I re-activated this 'back up' account again recently and started trying to find people that I'd lost contact with.

And from the looks of it, she's died.

:'( My friend.

Do you know what happened??? Can you please tell me?? Can you please copy paste any last entries by her?? I'm so upset and feel like such shit. Did she OD by accident, was it suicide, was it a car accident, sickness....God she was in Brisbane the last couple years of her life. I could have been there for her. I should have been there for her. I couldn't even remember her account name until recently though.

I've been going through the archives of people on her friends list, trying to find out what happened. You're the first person I've found who has publicly said anything referencing her death.

Please, please let me know. :'( Thank you so much.

- Fiona (yes my name is Fiona too. It was one of the things we bonded over. :'( )